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Germicidals & Deodorants


PINE MIST: A pine scented quaternary disinfectant detergent for general purpose cleaning of all hard surfaces. (Washrooms, locker rooms, walls, floors, etc.) (Mix 35ml per L)

FORCE FIVE: An herbal scented quaternary disinfectant detergent for heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting of all hard surfaces. Popular with nursing homes and schools. (Mix 12ml per L)

HERBAL-ONE, APPLE-ONE, BABY-ONE, CHERRY-ONE, LEMON-ONE, : Scented, light duty cleaners and deodorizers. Use as freshener or add to floor or carpet cleaners. Scents are long lasting & pleasant. (Mix 7:1)

HEAVEN SCENT:  A highly concentrated deodorant and room freshener. (Mix 80:1)