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Strippers & General Purpose


SPEEDY STRIP: Five solvents and penetrants all combined to disrupt any acrylic finish with minimal scrubbing. No offensive odour. (Mix 20:1)


BIG WAX ATTACK: The ultimate no-scrub stripper. This product is "STRONG" and all labeled precautions should be taken. (Mix 7:1)


ACTIVE: A general purpose cleaner and degreaser for commercial kitchens (non food prep areas) (Mix 40:1).


RESULT: A general purpose cleaner/degreaser. Formulated for spray and wipe applications. Lemon scented water-butyl glycol base. (Mix 20:1)


BIG SHOT: A heavy duty, strong general purpose cleaner/degreaser. Excellent for commercial kitchens. (Excluding food contact areas) High ph. Sodium Hydroxide base. (Mix 20:1)


SPEED-O: A clear, oderless,phosphoric / Citric Acid blend descaler.  best suited for cleaning stainless steel, bathroom soap scum, tile grouting, pipes, etc. (Mix 4:1)