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SUDSY: A lemon scented anti-bacterial liquid green dish detergent for all hand washing of glassware, flatware, pots pans etc.

SUDSY PINK: A pink bubbel gum scenter,economical dish washing detergent.

COOK-OUT: Griddle-fryer and oven cleaner. A 12.5% Sodium Hydroxide emulsion.

CHLOROCLEAN: A chlorinated commercial liquid dish washing detergent for use in stainless steel dishwashers.

REFLECTION: A rinse aid for commercial dish washing machines. Used in conjunction with "Chloroclean" for the effective rinsing of flatware and glassware.

KRISTAL: A household powdered dish washing detergent for automatic machines. Much higher concentration than conventional retail products. 5 Kgs 10 Kgs and 20 Kgs 

CHLORINATED SANITIZER: 6% chlorine solution for sanitizing in commercial dish washing machines.


SPARKLE: An ammonia based, glass cleaner.

SPARKLE CONCENTRATE: Concentrated sparkle 30:1 sparkle glass.

VINEGAR: A neutralizing rinse for commercial use only. This is a non-consumable product.

SCOOT: Safe on most hard shiny surfaces plus vinyl - non-ammoniated.