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Hand Soaps


FOAMY: A pink lotion liquid soap designed for use in most commercial or public washrooms. 15% solid content, mildly scented bubble gum.

SATIN: A thicker version of Foamy. Mildly scented sea spray.

TRICLOSOL: A green lotion liquid anti-bacterial soap. 18% solid content. Scented almond.

ELEGANCE: A pearlesced white lotion gel, hand and body soap. Mildly scented with sea spray. 18% solid content.

POT SHOT: Acid based toilet bowl cleaner, mint scent.

WHIZZ: Non-acid toilet bowl cleaner, potpourri scent.

BLUE WAVE: Liquid laundry detergent for commercial use. Phosphate free. Not for silk, wool and non-colourfast materials.

WIPE OUT CLEAR: All purpose cleaner proven to be an excellent spot and stain pretreat.


NOTE: Custom blends of all hand soaps are available in minimum orders of 200 litres. Customers can order in other colours, scents & viscosity levels.